Green essence

Self-healing, Compassion, Forgiveness. Unconditional acceptance of ourselves ~ Healing the thinking and acting

Black essence

Inner peace, The real power, The truth. Experiencing the inner silence, peace and space ~ Experiencing the real power, humour and the truth

Golden essence

The experience of the unity, The healing of the nerve system. Establishing of the loving relationship with the mother and the world again

White essence

Stability, trust, clarity, personal will. White essence brings us back to the basic trust to ourselves, to the feeling of stability and clarity in everything what we do.

Dark blue essence

The consciousness, The self-awareness. The understanding who I am, where I go, what supports me and what stops me from living my life fully

Red essence

Life energy, Passion, Courage. To live the life fully ~ To allow showing the passion and the energy ~ No fear to stand up for yourself

Yellow essence

The joy, The playfulness, The creativity. The positive attitude to life ~ The art of creation with the joy and playfulness in a daily life



The fulfilment of our being’s desires, our life celebration

Point of light

Conscious return to the integrity, connection with our soul


Creation of an inner temple and of the place where we can keep returning

The diamond body

Getting in touch with our inner guidance

The pearl

Creating of healthy shiny personality in a harmony with all of our qualities and with our soul

For everyone

Here and now

To put away the image that we built about ourselves and experience again who really we are in the present moment.

Enneagram of experience

The opportunity to get to know, how my personality works and what are my biggest qualities

Superego – the way to the freedom

Breaking free from the inner voices ~ The way to the real life in an alertness and joy

Our talent, quality and mission

The knowledge of what makes me unique and how I can give a new place to it in my life