Creating of healthy shiny personality in a harmony with all of our qualities and with our soul

The pearl is related to the development of our personality. Thanks to the pearl our ego gets in a harmonious connection with essences and with point of light. We recognize more easily when we are controlled by our false ego and when we experience our true being. We don´t need to stay in conflicts, in dramas and in the negative merging anymore. Our inner needs are fulfilled and with pearl the true qualities for daily life are coming.

We will bring the light and consciousness to our shadows during this workshop. We are so manipulated and our little devil in us is so brilliant, that usually we are not able to see it. We need to get conscious of these dark sides in us, we need to transform false pearl to the real one and experience naturally and in a harmony with our point of light the inner and outside wealth.

The pearl is presence without control, it has got an ability of this qualities: With white pearl we get to the balance and we can trust to the people. With green pearl we become loving kind person. With red pearl we feel the courage and the strength.
All this means that you don't have these qualities but you become these qualities. So you don´t have the courage, you become the courage. You don't have the compassion, you become the compassion. You are getting deeper and deeper in touch with the pearl.
When our ego has got the strength, it creates the copies of all our qualities and we are hypnotized and attached. Thanks to the pearl we do big steps out of this hypnosis, out of your enneagram type. Osho used to call this pearl - "Zorba Buddha". It has got a great sense. You can live your life fully – awake and with full consciousness. You are the master of your life..

What will the workshop bring to you?

The deep interconnection – the embodiment of essences and of the soul, we become our essences and our soul and our body shines these qualities out.

What is the most common problem that we solve in the workshop?

Self-forgetting very often leads to the separation from the qualities – from the essences or from the part of our soul. Then the ego and superego take the control automatically.

How are we going to work with?

Meditation – guided and active
Experience exercises
The techniques for getting in touch with the experience of the pearl
Sharing for deeper understanding and self-consciousness
Constellation techniques