From 2007 we run the experience workshops of personal development, the workshops for women and men, the choaching and the individual sessions.


My great passion is an acting which I had studied and to which I devoted together with theatre plays writing and with the directing for many years in the different parts of world.

In the youth I took my own journey of cognition. My seeking brought me in 1979 to ashram in Puna in India where I listened to the Osho’s discourses every day. I received new name from him - Svámí Hoshy Anand Prasadam and I became his student. I kept coming back to Puna regularly for 20 years, I started the theatre group “named Zen theatre” with which one I was travelling over Europe and United States. I participated in establishment of the Osho Centre in USA and Berlin and I was leading intensive theatre trainings. At that time I went through many trainings and my present work is based on them too (Vipasana retreat, Centering, Primal, Tantra, Awarness intensive, Astrological training, Gurdieff – dance training /Amio, Jivan/, AFH – Anti Fischer Hoffman process /Sudha/, Primal-intensive, Voice dialog, Painting group, Mask training /Jivan, Mery/, Satory – intensive, 7 levels of consciousness /Wadud, Waduda/, Astrology, Trauma work, Systemic constellation, Causal training, Enneagram /Bassier/, Diamond Logos /Faisal, Kuwait/.

In 2007 we established together with Martina the complex education of personal development that we provide until now. I work in Europe, Taiwan, Bali and China (Beijing, Shanghai, Tajan, Guangzhou, Hanghzou, Hong Kong)

Martina Janků

I love traveling and exploring foreign countries and cultures. I am interested in ancient spiritual teachings and the newest knowledge of psychology.

My issue used to be uncontrollable fear that I had already from childhood. It used to show in a day and night and in the different life situation. This fear brought me to the spiritual teachings 20 years ago – first to yoga, meditation and enneagram, later to the study of psychology and other.

In 2004 I met Prasadam and learnt his approach during the experience workshop. His work was based on the teaching called Diamond Logos and it caused big progress in my life. The fear started disappearing in widespread consciousness, I started to understand its nature and this made me feel and experience the world in its more fullness.

I learnt particular essential aspects – the real qualities of myself. I can own them, I can live them in a daily life. As a teacher I always try to lead other people to the knowledge, that everybody can discover and own his true qualities, his uniqueness.

From 2007 year we run together with Prasadam the workshops of personal development in Europe and from 2010 also in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Tajan, Guangzhou, Hanghzou, Hong Kong), Taiwan and Bali. I work as a coach too and I run the workshops for women.