On our workshops of personal development we use the meditation and other techniques for mind calming, for tuning ourselves to inner space and self-awareness.


We learn to experience inner silence and draw from it in a daily life. We learn to use the emotion and also the information that come from this emotion. During the work the self-consciousness is increasing so we change and heal ourselves and our relations. We are gaining more freedom, because we are less dependent on what is happening around us. This inner change can be seen on the outside too. We can create required conditions which bring us wealthier and happy life.

What qualities the workshops will bring to you in particular spheres of your life?

More conscious and more loving relationship with your partner, parents, children and the others.

Cognition of what thoughts and behaviour support my health, what creates my illnesses, what work for me, what is harmful to me and how to change it.

Self-realization in business, in employment, strengthening of your qualities, strengthening of own value and self-confidence, acceptance of own potential, success allowing.

Personal growth
For beginners and advanced who ask yourself –Who am I? What life do I want to create? How to experience inner and outside abundance? How can I get to know the spiritual values and rules?