The basic tools of our workshops are the Diamond Logos, meditation, work with Enneagram and other techniques of self-knowledge

Diamond Logos

Diamond Logos is a teaching that works with natural qualities of life and for which one uses the name "the essences of being". This teaching connects the knowledge of modern west psychology with the tools of traditional spiritual east philosophy. The tools like f.e. the meditation or the other methods of work with the body and mind. The goal is to learn consciously recognizing between the strong beliefs of our personality identified with an ego and basic qualities that come from our nature.
We live in a very rich reality and we are the magic beings, but we live like sleeping ones. We experience ourselves and world outside more likely through concepts and beliefs of our mind that we took by bringing up. Or we are in defence that doesn´t allow us to feel more clearly the world outside and that separates us from our wholeness, from our integrity.
The work with the qualities of essences bring gently and step by step veils and obstacles away. It will help you to live open a happy life that is in a harmony with reality around and that can positively influence this reality.


The goal of workshop's meditation is mind calming down and getting the deeper insight to the own personality. The meditation is a path that leads to the experiencing of ourselves, to the place in us that is beyond the mind, beyond the emotions, beyond the personality. In our work we use different types of meditations, f.e. Osho's meditations (kundalini, dynamic meditation, nadabrahma), Buddhist meditation, zen meditation and other.


It is an old Sufi's teaching that describes nine different types of personality and their mutual relations. The tradition of Enneagram dates far back in time, it has been an instrument of self-recognition for more than 2000 years. It describes very well the structure of our ego, the structure of our personality and naturally supplements the teaching Diamond Logos to understand ourselves better. It describes main types of personality, their mature and immature expression, their relations and mutual influences.

Other techniques

The systemic constellations give us a view to the hidden process inside of different systems – in the family, partnership, professional relationships, system of our personality and the relations between personality parts.

The negative experiences from childhood unconsciously influence our emotional experiencing in the adulthood and our reaction in the different life's situations. The work with inner child is a method how to get back to our feelings again, how to understand them and respect them, how to heal old emotional wounds.

Voice Dialog is a method of discovering and exploring our inner voices, their mutual relations and their influence on ourselves and on our life. If we are too identified with this voices then we lose the contact with our personality. On the workshops we recognize our inner voices and we work with them. Then we can get the distance from them without rejecting, we can appreciate what they have made and make for us.

Affirmations are positive thoughts that help us to concentrate on our power and ability of creation and to have what we wish. We use the affirmation in our work to cut off our old mental habits and for creation and realizing of new possibilities that help us feel and live our potential.