Diamond Consciousness is a holistic education reminding who we are... so we can live a full, healthy, happy, loving and rich life at all levels.

We can live our everyday life in a harmony with ourselves and take the right place in our families and in partnership. At the same time we can feel the satisfaction in our work too.

Education is divided into three levels.

1. Basic - we focus on our personality and our psyche and we heal it. We are strengthening each of our basic essence -quality and our lives become more balanced and satisfied.

2. Advanced - for graduates of basic level. We become aware of our soul and spiritual essence, we communicate with the higher self and the existence and we use other instruments on this level.

3. Training for graduates of basic and advanced level, especially for lecturers, coaches, teachers, therapists who wants to use this training in practice with their clients.

Diamond Consciousness education is very extensive, we work on many levels - mental, emotional, spiritual, energy ..., on our personality and ego, and at the same time we are more and more aware of our spiritual nature and divinity in us. We use psychology (work with inner child, work with superego, trauma therapy, etc.) and alternative approaches (we teach the art of transforming emotions into natural essence, various meditation techniques, enneagram, family constellations, etc.).

As a basis we focus on the healing of our personality at all levels. Therefore, it is necessary to return to the childhood and understand what has happened during pregnancy and childbirth, where the first traumas have already happened. Furthermore, to understand and heal the relationship with mum and dad ... If we can not accept them, it is very difficult to be happy and successful in everyday life, in partnership and work. It is necessary to find a relationship to ourselves, to create a healthy self-love and to see our value and to become aware of our own needs and to fulfil them. Do not expect them to be filled from outside. We learn to take full responsibility for our lives and to form it consciously in joy and love. Do not blame anyone for failing, but look at how you have done so far with your life and deliberately change what needs to be changed.

In this work, we become aware of our mechanism of behaviour, defence mechanisms, emotions that control us. At the same time, we come into contact with the emotional and energetic blocks that we learn to transform into divine essence and quality. We will learn to face the pain and what is unpleasant in life, so that we can consciously change it and live happily.

We heal our inner child and relationships in the family. We begin to perceive our value, we can begin to trust ourselves and in something that goes beyond us, we have bigger clarity and feel stable. Our heart opens and more love flows into our lives and everything we do. We know how to stand up in our lives for ourselves.

The foundation is a healthy and conscious personality on all levels.

We learn to activate the heart and the belly centre and use the wisdom of heart and abdominal strength in conjunction with our head so the head follows the heart and not the other way round.

Another Advanced level is more spiritual, where we learn how to consciously connect and establish a relationship with our soul. Communicate with your inner guide. Fixing all divine essences in the physical body. Find your talents and mission. And other tools we can use in our spiritual path.

We place the greatest emphasis on the practical use, everything what we teach we can use in everyday life.

We offer workshops, but also individual approach in personal session.

Prasadam and Martina Janku have developed this training under the name of Diamond Consciousness and have been working together since 2003 in Europe, Asia and Indonesia.

Diamond Consciousness workshops

1.Basic level

Golden essence - The experience of unity, the healing of the nervous system

Establishing a loving relationship with mother and the world

Through the essence we teach the language of feeling. The golden essence gives the possibility to dive in the depth of love. Then we can heal the issues in the embryo state, trauma by birth and babyhood. And encountering the merging state with our beloveds and becoming conscious how we lose ourselves.

Red essence – Qualities of life energy, passion, courage

Live your life fully, allow yourself to manifest passion and energy, not to be afraid to stand up for yourself.

It sounds simple, but we usually do not know how to do it. We have been led by a little child to behave somehow and have been here for others, so we have forgotten ourselves and our needs. We will remember ourselves with the qualities of red essence.

Black essence - Qualities of inner peace, true power, truth

Experience inner peace and space, real strength in you, humour and truth.
We have been controlled for a long time by fear - the fear of death, of failure, of manipulation, of the fact that we are not good enough. In this seminar, we learn how to transform fear into real strength and peace.

Green essence - Self-care, compassion, forgiveness

Unconditional acceptance of ourselves, healing of our thinking and acting.

We learn to find a relationship to ourselves that we can embrace the good, but also our shadows with compassion and forgiveness. It is a deep healing of ourselves. Healing our inner child who has been wounded since childhood.

White essence – Quality of stability, trust, clarity, personal will

Restoring basic self-confidence, feeling the stability and clarity in everything we do.

We learn to trust again, to trust ourselves, to others and to something beyond. We heal relationship with dad.

Yellow essence – Quality of joy, playfulness, creativity

Positive attitude to life, art to create with playfulness and joy in everyday life.

Most of the time we are serious, oriented to money, success and duty. We work very hard, we are experiencing enormous pressure, no joy. With the yellow essence we can remember again how to create with joy, enjoy life and not take everything so seriously.

Dark blue essence - Consciousness, self-awareness

Understanding who I am, where I'm going, what supports me and what prevents me from living my life to the fullest.
It is the way we become more conscious of ourselves at all levels. We are more aware of our body, we learn how to work with emotions, to see our thoughts, voices in the mind that tend to control us. It's a way to the freedom.

Expanding workshops for everyone

Our talent, quality, mission

What I am unique about and how I can live my uniqueness in my daily life.

Experience enneagram

An opportunity to know how my personality works and what are my greatest qualities.

Here and Now

Throw away your images of yourself and experience again who I am in the present moment.

The way to freedom - superego

Liberation from inner voices and find the way to real life in awakening and joy.

2. Advanced level

Point of light

Connection with higher self, with our soul.

From childhood we are not in contact with our soul. The ego q takes the control over our lives very quickly.

Diamond body

Tune to your inner guide – higher self - to have the ability to see things objectively with insight. Communication at a higher level.


Creating a healthy, vibrant personality in accordance with all qualities and our souls.

Embodiment of all essences.


Creating an inner temple, a place where I can come back.


Fulfilling the desires of our being and celebrating the life

3. Training for graduates of basic and advanced level