Stability, trust, clarity, personal will. White essence brings us back to the basic trust to ourselves, to the feeling of stability and clarity in everything what we do.

On the workshop we work with the issues which bring us the trust to our lives, stability, the experience of the presence and open the clarity to us. All of this qualities belong to us and are so natural but we lose the access to hem during our lives.

Very helping is to look at the issues and related qualities whit this issue: f.e. the trust has to do something with our father because he is the very first person that shows us the world. Maybe he felt the world as a dangerous place to live in, maybe he was missing at the time when he was needed. Then we receive the same picture of the world and we miss the trust. The quality of trust gives us such relaxed certainty, it is grounded, inventive and devoted.

Another quality that we will focus on during the workshop is a personal will: it is desire and decision to live our personal lives in a harmony with ourselves. When we live our lives then also the quality of real release and relaxation can come. This quality we call silver essence.

What will the workshop bring to you?

You will start trusting yourself much more, you will start trusting other people too. But at the same time you will start to trust to something which is much bigger and higher than we are. You will get bigger feeling of certainty, clarity and stability. You will get enough of healthy will to what you do in your life. This workshop will open the door for healing of your relationship with the father and for better understanding to his place in your life.

What is the most common problem, that we solve in the workshop?

It is mistrust to ourselves, the feeling of having no value, low self-confidence, suspecting and controlling the others, the feeling of instability, lack of clarity, doubting a lot, damaged relationship with the father.

How are we going to work with?

Meditation – guided and active
Experience exercises
Sharing for deeper understanding and self-consciousness
Constellation techniques