Breaking free from the inner voices ~ The way to the real life in an alertness and joy

Everybody wants to be happy and free. As the time goes by we find out that the obstacles don´t lie out in the world, but they are represented by our beliefs and preconceptions. Our beliefs are supported by inner voices which psychology calls "superego". Our inner critic always puts a judgement on ourselves, blames and punishes. All the feelings of shame, guilt and low self-confidence come from superego.

We will focus on recognizing inner critic, we will teach you how to communicate with him and how to break out of his influence. Let's go to live more joyfully and freely.

What will the workshop bring to you?

Seeing of what holds us back from true love, joy and success.

What is the most common problem that we solve in the workshop?

The total identification with inner voices that criticize everybody, blame and put down.

How are we going to work with?

Meditation – guided and active
Communication with inner voices – different methods
Experience exercises
Sharing for deeper understanding and self-consciousness
Constellation techniques