The opportunity to get to know, how my personality works and what are my biggest qualities

The enneagram is a typology of the personality that describes nine different personality types, mental and emotional patterns and self-defence patterns for surviving. We are going to look at our typical behaviour's patterns that on one hand keep us safe and on the other hand they keep us separated from real joy, love, spontaneity and from our real higher self…

Every type from enneagram has got shady and light side. The shady side is our unconscious behaviour, the identification with our ego where is no space for feeling through heart. The light side is the awareness of who I am and the contact with our inner nature, with our soul, being and existence. It brings us real fulfilment, freedom, love and all qualities that we long for.

Mostly we are somewhere in the middle, it depends on the level of our consciousness. Sometimes we can even see, how we limit ourselves through our behaving, through our repeated emotions and fear. We see how we are limited by all of this, but we don´t know how to change it.

Every type of enneagram has got an unique quality and we will focus on making it stronger and more intensive. That is the way which leads us to our nature and helps us to break the identification with our ego.

What will the workshop bring to you?

Awakening regarding your behaving, awareness of your qualities and strong points of yours. The deep understanding to your emotions and knowledge, how to handle with them.

What is the most common problem that we solve in the workshop?

Unconscious mind and behaving, where our fear and emotions drive us. Inner defences limiting our live. Separation from true values.

How are we going to work with?

Meditation – guided and active
Explanation of enneagram's typology
Experience exercises
The techniques for going through the death and through the giving up
Sharing for deeper understanding and self-consciousness
Constellation techniques