Inner peace, The real power, The truth. Experiencing the inner silence, peace and space ~ Experiencing the real power, humour and the truth

We everybody do have deep fears…. Somebody is worried about job, somebody is worried about money and somebody is scared of the death. We live our lives in the fear, that we won´t find the right partner or that our partner will leave us. We are worried about our children, we are worried about our future. And this big fear makes us to manipulate and control ourselves, our children, our partner and everybody around us….

Let's have a look at our biggest fears which control us – the fear of life, the fear of sexuality, the fear of death and the fear of abuse. We would like to run away from our fear, but then we have no chance to win because the fear is always more powerful.

Did you know that we can face our fear with an humour? That we can look at all of the issues from the distance and we can stay on top of things? We can transform our fear with the quality of inner peace and space, which is represented by black essence in the teaching of Diamond Logos. We will learn to see our manipulation and we will learn to break free of it.
Let's go to feel our majesty in our real power and beauty.

What will the workshop bring to you?

You will get to the state of deep silence and peace, to the state of real power and truth. You will get there with the humour and with no fight. Let's accept the death as a natural part of life and let's face to the fear of anything.

What is the most common problem that we solve in the workshop?

The fears in all levels, the fear of future and death, the fear of abuse or manipulation, anxiety and stress. Big problem is also having tendency to control everything and everybody too much.

How are we going to work with?

Meditation – guided and active
Experience exercises
The techniques for going through the death and through the giving up
Using the techniques to make the energy to flow again
Sharing for deeper understanding and self-consciousness
Constellation techniques