Conscious return to the integrity, connection with our soul

The topic of this workshop is "a return" – return to our higher self, to our being, to our point of light which is our soul. We are born with our soul all over again, but we are not conscious of it and we are getting separated from our soul very often during the birth or during our childhood. Then the ego drives our life, we create our personality and we still look for the happiness somewhere outside. We are getting caught by the stories and we create the dramas while trying to find the happiness and to bring us to ourselves, to our point of light, back home.

The point of light has got all of our qualities, it's present inside and all around us, it is our being, our spiritual master, our alert presence that shines from inside. We are the human beings thanks to our soul. The peace and freedom are coming to our lives in this wholeness.

This workshop is superstructural and is meant for those who already went through all workshops with essences.

What will the workshop bring to you?

The experience of our spiritual aspect, the entire connection with all parts of our soul, this brings us huge joy, love and deep fulfilment. The conscious connection with our divine nature.

What is the most common problem that we solve in the workshop?

The separation from the spiritual world, preferring and following our ego. The separation from some parts of our soul because of traumas and wounds.

How are we going to work with?

Meditation – guided and active
Experience exercises
The techniques for getting in touch with our soul and it's parts
Sharing for deeper understanding and self-consciousness
Constellation techniques